Friday, September 3, 2010

Friends of Sonny Perencevic

Friends of Sonny Perencevic 
Since his motorcycle accident on September 4, 2008, my brother Sonny has made amazing strides in his recovery. He continues to gain new ground and through his progress he is brave and persevering. He has come a long way, but still has a long way to go...which is where his friends are so valuable

Recovering from a severe head injury is difficult, and Sonny needs all the support he can get. We encourage those who know him to stop by for a visit, no matter how brief, to let him know he is remembered and cared for.

Sonny can do a lot of things!  He recognizes familiar faces and voices, and will often smile when he is happy to see someone. He enjoys music, going outside, and watching favorite comedy TV shows. He especially enjoys watching the Seahawks play  He loves a big hug as much as anyone, and both ice cream and chocolate remain two of his all-time favorite treats.

Anyone can visit Sonny during the day and/or evening, and we would be happy to be there for a “re-introduction” to smooth the way. Questions are welcome, as we know that the more someone understands about Sonny’s condition, the easier it is to interact with him and be a positive force in his life.

If you have questions about visiting Sonny, or would just like to know more in order to make the most of your time with him, please feel free to contact his sister, Lorrie:

You can also visit Sonny’s online Caringbridge journal and leave a note for him: 
Sonny resides at: North Creek Health and Rehabilitation Center
        10909 NE 185th St Room 113, Bothell, WA 98011
Feel free to stop by or mail a note...every contact is precious

“Don't be discouraged.  It's often the last key in the bunch that opens the lock.”

Here’s to Sonny, and to a whole ring of keys!


  1. Sonny its been two years today and you still have the strength to carry on. Your friends continue to pray for you and be there for you. I know you need visits more often but sometimes life out here tends to keep us busy but believe me I am always thinking to myself how I need to come see you. Not for you but for myself to remember how blessed the rest of us are. And for you I enjoy spending time with you, it makes me feel I have a purpose. luv ya and hope to see you soon angela tyler

  2. Well I meant to say tomorrow, two years tomorrow.

  3. THANK YOU, Angela! I want you to know we will print all of these comments and read them to Sonny...he smiles at the mention of friends he knows! Thank you for your friendship and attention!

  4. Strong people with strong family make for promising patients. Your sister is special in many ways. She is a good shoulder to lean on. Bless you. Good luck.


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