Thursday, September 16, 2010

Seven knots that never let go...

Also known as my personal reminder bracelet.

The signature color for head injuries, as well as for mourning, is black. My brother's favorite color is true red. This evening I made this knotted thread bracelet in Sonny's honor. A few details...

  • To honor his courageous progress following his thread.
  • To honor his personal favorite thread.
  • Each segment is comprised of seven knots, the perfect number of God and traditionally the number symbolizing good fortune.
  • There is one flaw knotted into the bracelet, though it is not visible and even I couldn't go back and find it...symbolizing that life is never perfect and neither are the people we love, but we cling to both just the same as we accept the good and the bad together.
  • Made of very strong embroidery floss, the bracelet will hang in there through wear and tear...reminding me to never let go.
    Just wanted to share.

    Visit Sonny's Caringbridge website to read his journal updates, sign his guestbook, and see photos.
    Join the Head's Up! traumatic brain injury support and encouragement group on Facebook.

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