Tuesday, March 29, 2011

You're done

It’s pretty dark in here. I didn’t realize it would be so dark. It seemed pretty bright from the outside before I came in, but now the darkness is so thick I can’t see my hand in front of my face, let alone the door. Maybe I should just sit still and see if my eyes will adjust…

There! After being here for a little while, I can make out the dim shadows around me as I get used to trying to see in this pitch black. Obviously there are others who are NOT sitting down, because they keep bumping into me as I remain here in my own spot. Not that they are trying to be a nuisance, but they cannot see very well either and I think they don’t know that I am here until they collide with me as they walk by.

As I looked in here the other day, it sure seemed like there was a lot going on, lots to do, all kinds of excitement happening. Now that I am finally here I don’t understand why everything is so boring…dead, even. It doesn’t seem like anyone else is having all that great a time, either, so evidently I am not the only one who sees things a little differently from inside the door. Maybe someone else knows how to find the door, I’m sure there has to be at least one person here who has visited this place before and would remember, even in the dark, the way to get out…

…Oh my, THAT didn’t go very well. Now I feel stupid for asking anyone for help finding the doorway…I have been laughed at, punched in the face, and pushed rudely to the ground just because no one liked my asking questions about how to get out of here. They all seem content with this state of eclipse, so perhaps I should try to adapt and just learn to accept it. It seems that I will never find the door anyway, so I may as well adjust. Light is actually over-rated, I think, I could learn to cope just fine with the lack of it here.

Though, I have to admit I’m hungry…and thirsty. No one here seems to have anything they would be willing to share, and I have nothing left now to eat or drink. I tried calling an acquaintance to ask if he knew how to get here and possibly bring me a burger or something, maybe even help me to locate the doorway out of here, but the call is not being answered. I suppose he will tell me that he didn’t bother answering because I haven’t been answering any of his calls, either. Stupid guy. What does he expect? I’m supposed to be able to find my phone to answer it when I can’t even see anything? Oh wait…he will reply that I found it just fine when I was in need and wanted to ask for something. Hmmmm…damn condescending friends. He has done a million things wrong; I probably shouldn’t even talk to him anymore. HE is the one with the worse problems, so he better not criticize me. Forget it, I won’t bother.

Definitely pretty boring here. I guess if there was a television or something that would be fun. I could just sit here in the blackness and space off to sitcoms or something. I am beginning to think this fantastic spot isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and I really wish I could remember where the door is. But I’m so tired now, I just want to sleep…I don’t really have the energy to crawl around looking for an exit…

Well, sleep used up my whole day and now my eyes aren’t adjusted anymore and I can’t see a thing. I’m not tired anymore, and I am certainly not pleased with the amenities offered here considering how much I paid to be admitted! I’ll be going home completely broke, assuming I can find that damn door, and I don’t think I even had hardly any fun at all. I wish the other people here would get out of my way so I could at least make my way around the edges of the room, I think I would eventually stumble across the exit. But everywhere I move someone sort of grabs onto me and implores me to stay and have more fun. Fun? Are they really having fun? I just have to shake them off and keep searching…the door…it has to be here somewhere…there was a way IN, so there must be a way OUT of this abyss.

Exhausted. Deciding to give up my search for the portal leading me away from here, I have tried to see how great this place is and enjoy it…but I am so frustrated with not being able to SEE anything! I don’t want to sleep here again, I want to go home. I want to leave…can’t find the way out though…

Wha…? What is THAT? Oh God, that HURTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My eyes are on fire! I must have damaged them…I must be sick…I must have gotten something terrible in them…someone is talking…to me? That’s my name! Where the hell is that sound coming from? Should I shout back? No, I have been here too long…I must look a terrible sight. No one will really want to see me like this, whoever that is must be looking for someone else…what is that small white spot?

…The voice calls louder…and louder…oh no! Now what??? Someone is grabbing me…oh geez, just what I need now, I knew I shouldn’t trust anyone here, now what is happening to me? How do I fight back…I…what? That’s the voice…and whoever this is must be pretty damn strong because he is hauling my limp carcass toward…that small white spot seems to be growing…is it…light? Hey! I see something! Sort of. I could see it better if my head weren’t so heavy; it feels difficult to even hold it up. I should try walking, but nothing on my body seems to work right now. I am just too tired…too tired…too tired…someone is dragging me…

…through a doorway!!

Blinding light. Is that the sun? Faces. Voices. Water. Am I dead, I wonder?

“You’re not dead…but you should be” the voice says close to me…do I know who this is? Looks familiar, but doesn’t seem to be how I would remember this person. How did they know where to find me? I hadn’t told anyone where I was going, didn’t share my plans with anyone…just wanted to go to this fabulous hot spot for a good time, but thought it best that I go alone.

I was sure no one knew where I was…how did they know?

“I knew exactly where to find you…I have been there, too…but you are out of there now…you’re done.”

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