Thursday, April 28, 2011

For Kayla...

My friend shared this beautiful poem with me that he wrote for his lovely daughter...

I thought there might be a few lil things you art to know
The love I have for you will always grow
Everyday you are in my thoughts
Everyday you should think on the things I taught
Somedays will be harder than others
Some nights will last forever
The love a father has for his daughter
The times he is not with her
And the days he does not kiss her
All the days that were
Now he sees her grow
And soon he will see her go
Away to be with someone else
He will be alone, left to himself
But all the times they had
Thinking of those days will make him sad
Now into a new world she steps
To make her mark on the world she must
The things he taught now he must trust
But still his love for her continues to grow
Even though she does not know.
Written by the elusive poet:  Fatty

copyright Mike Dubea 2011, all rights reserved

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