Monday, April 4, 2011

Once upon a time...part one

Once upon a time in a land very near to where we now stand, there were two wounded people.

The wounded lady had been hurt deeply by someone she pledged to love forever, but she didn't want to give up on the dream of loving just that one person for the rest of her life.

The wounded man was full of love and life, and had searched for some time for the lady who would walk through his days with him, share his dreams, and grow old with him...but he had not found her.

One day, the wounded lady and the wounded man met. It was not love at first sight, rather a long-forming friendship that blossomed into a beautiful love that seemed like it could never be stopped. They wed, and life moved forward...but they were both still wounded, they just didn't know it.

A beautiful son was born to these two, and the joy he brought to their lives was indescribable. But the sweet boy left earth to reside with the angels one early morning, leaving his Mama and Daddy desolate and more wounded than ever.

Disaster struck.

Vengeance, Pride, and Superiority all met and conspired to destroy the wounded and grieving pair in order to make a famous name for themselves. The sad parents clung to their love, penned letters built on loss and despair, and hoped for a bright future...and hoped...and hoped.

Their battle eventually ended with the wicked Trio convincing the sweet boy's parents that they should just bow to their authority and  live by their rules, which the couple did. 

One day the Mama could not find her man...she looked high and low but he was nowhere to be seen. In his pain, he had run away and sought solace in oblivion...and her heart broke again.

She missed him, but she was so angry. How could he leave her this way when she was hurting, too? How could he add to her pain by giving her cause to worry and fear over his safety, when she was already battling demons in her own soul?

She said mean things to try to hurt him as she felt she had been hurt.
She tried to get him to let her know he was even all right.

She forced herself to say the dreaded words, "I'm finished...I'm leaving...goodbye".

And she cried.
And cried.
And cried.

Tears he had been telling her she needed to shed now fell in cascades down her lonely face...but he would never see them.

He chose to stay away...he preferred his oblivion to staying at her side as he had promised.

She broke promises, too...she did not respect a man who made such choices, though she had long ago promised she would always respect and honor him.
Still he stayed away.

And her heart continued breaking.

Oblivion called her, too.
"Run", came the call...
Until you fall.

The story ends here.

No shining clarity, no hero racing in to save the day.
Just two sad, wounded people.
Still grieving...
still alone...
and her still wondering what she did wrong to make him leave her in her pain.

The end.

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  1. She didn't do anything wrong. He didn't make a valid promise, didn't acknowledge her pain, wasn't really her partner...

    He walked away from God.

    Just go with God


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