Monday, May 2, 2011

Sonny Update Monday May 2, 2011

Haven't put a note in here for a while and I do apologize.  It just seems like something is always going on.  

Sonny is doing great again, still progressing in baby steps but progressing.  The wheelchair people were there on Friday to get his headrest set up correctly.  It was really good for a while until someone bent it out of shape again.  Lorrie got it set right again yesterday and showed the CNA how to move it to get Sonny in and out of the chair.  He promised top tell whoever came on the next shift so hopefully it trickled down and they can all position him correctly.  I didn't realize how much it bothered him to not be able to see straight out until he could and just smiled and smiled.

Sonny with his Native drum
before his accident occurred.
He is also having a wonderful time with the TV remote.  Lorrie wrote numbers on his sketch pad and asked him where they were on the remote.  He was 100% correct so he isn't doing this randomly.  We had a care conference on Friday also and they are going to put his lap tray on for all meals now.  He can reach his food that way and really likes to do it himself.  Kind of messy since he doesn't handle silverware very well. But oh well.  He is trying to drink himself too.

 We are going to expand his "Go Talk" with pictures so we are looking for family and friend pictures that will fit.
Angela - Lorrie said you were there yesterday.  I'm sorry I  missed seeing you but thank you for going.  We will probably be bringing him home next weekend, not sure which day.

Take care everyone
Loretta (Sonny's Mom)

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