Friday, June 17, 2011

Fitness goal day 2...

Thursday June 16, 2011
Well, today was a great day! The bike ride felt good for the most part, and the cool-down walk afterward was a relief.
Here's how it played out:
~Burned 375 calories by the 30 minute mark
~Burned 775 calories by the 60 minute mark.
~Burned 1,000 calories by the 80 minute mark, shaving off 4 minutes from my earlier goal.
~Rode a total distance of 28.5 miles
~Burned a total of 1,605 calories!

I think the daily pushups are helping, as my obliques are not hurting so badly at the end of each bike ride. Yay!!

Thanks to my Personal Fitness Guru who has helped me work out my food intake and scheduling of meals around certain times that I ordinarily fast. Working out hard the day after an almost total fast is draining, but I think the new plan we worked out is going to keep me comfortable even on/after those days of extremely low calorie intake.

As a side note, I have also noticed that I am sleeping more. I have typically slept no more than four, maybe five hours a night at the most for many years, but recently I have noticed that I am sleeping more hours and more deeply than I have previously. The last two nights I slept seven hours a night, which is quite unusual for me. Good changes!

A few words of inspiration from a movie I liked..."Enough". It is the story of a woman who fought back...who took charge of protecting herself...who grew into a woman of strength and courage...who refused to accept defeat. A little different context than my own current challenges and goals...but in many ways not so different at all. This exchange occurs during one of her training sessions:

Trainer: "So, how do you win? How?"
Slim: "I attack."
Trainer: "And what do you do after you attack?"
Slim: "Nothing."
Trainer: "Why nothing?"
Slim: "I never stop attacking."
So, I'm taking these words with me into Friday, with that attitude in mind: Go forward. Do something, no matter what, to achieve my goals today. Press closer to that finish line I have stretched in front of myself. Reach further, push harder, require of myself that which I know I am capable of...and NEVER STOP ATTACKING.

With 4.5 more pounds gone, and the need to wear a belt to keep my jeans from falling down, I am looking forward to every bit of forward progress! Blessings to everyone, and may YOU all reach YOUR goals, too!

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