Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sonny update Thursday June 16, 2011

Happy summer!

Well, here we are again, sunny June and summer is nearly upon us! There has been a lot going on with Sonny I recent weeks, so I will do my best to re-cap it all for those who are at the mercy of this Journal to stay informed...

It seems that we have a great deal of trouble keeping Sonny's new headrest in good working order. No matter how many times it has been repaired and tightened, somehow it mysteriously ends up disconbobulated to the point of being nearly useless. Must be those gremlins again, since no one else seems to be willing to fess up to it.

Meanwhile, it does seem that Sonny is lifting his head up and turning it around more often, which is a good sign. Obviously it means that he is able to physically lift and move his head, but it also shows us that he is interested enough in what goes on around him that he wants to observe and pay attention. Those are big milestones as well, so we are thrilled to see them.

In other news, we have continued with Sonny's regular visits home every other weekend, and added a new activity a couple weeks ago! Our cousin sings in a men's acapella group, and they were we took Sonny to an afternoon concert! Fortunately the auditorium was very comfortable, and there was a good location to park Sonny's chair next to us so that he could see well. He very frequently lifted up his head and was obviously paying attention when the singing was going on, and he even seemed to look intently at the pictures in the program when I opened it on his lap. He has always really loved music, so we really think it was an enjoyable afternoon for him.

After the concert, we stopped for a good hamburger and got him a milkshake to go with. He did a great job eating the burger and fries, of course! It was very close to his ordinary bedtime when we got him back to North Creek, but he stayed awake the whole day up until then...another important milestone. We thought back to when we first began bringing him out and about, how tired he would become just from a short trip to the house and how he would fall asleep from the fatigue. He doesn't seem to get so tired anymore, so it looks like he has slowly acclimated to the increase in activity and does very well with his outings. We try to be careful not to do too much or get him too tired, as extremes for Sonny are always a possible seizure trigger. Stress is bad for him, so we try to keep things calm and low-key even when doing something fun. So far so good!

Even the sore red areas on his skin seem to be doing better. The staff at North Creek have been much better about putting his cream on regularly, which is a definite help. Of course, once again this keeps him more comfortable, and reduces his general stress level, which leaves him more energy for other things.

With summertime here, we know that everyone gets busy and has lots to do. But we sure hope you all will stay in touch with Sonny, and know how much all of your contact means to him and to us. I recently saved all of the journal entries and guestbook notes to files on my computer so that they will never accidentally be lost...they are a precious keepsake to us, a reminder of just how far he has come from ground zero. So, in Sonny's words:

"Whatever doesn't kill me makes me stronger."   Here's to our own personal Superman!

Blessings to all,
Lorrie...for Sonny and the whole fam-damily!

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