Thursday, December 15, 2011

You taught me to breathe...

You taught me to breathe under water
Through blood red windowpanes of agony
Illusions faded and reality blossomed
Clouds of blue on grey skies, reversal of primal truth
Freedom for constriction...
Strength for inability...
Power for helplessness...
Warring peace, a Soul's dichotomy.
Tethered to solid vapors, never more safe
Moving through sand, pushing the mountains
He was right: they move at soft command
My chest rises and falls, thoughts roll not race
Light pushes darkness away, forming space inside me
Loving comes easily, no need for heart-shaped bandages
Sweet provision of life I crave, though not air
Living is sweet, not a burden
Sleep comes without threat...
Dreams are sought, not feared...
Waking brings no doomsday premonition...
Lost things are best released, even precious baby dolphins
The sun stilll rises and ageless boulders sing of peace...
...since you taught me to breathe under water.

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